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“Over the years that we have been in the service, we have effectively made it easier for everybody in Carlsbad and other nearby areas to keep their home junk, trash and clutter free.”

Carpet Removal Carlsbad CA

Whether it’s a single room update or a major renovation, you’re likely going to have to let go of your old, grubby-looking carpets. While you may be tempted to just start ripping them off, carpet removal Carlsbad CA isn’t always as easy as it looks.
You’ll be surprised at how labor-intensive and time-consuming the whole process is. While you can probably just take on the task on your own, there’s just no telling how long it would actually take you to get the job done. When you’re all this excited to strip off the room and start anew with the floors, your best option is to have the carpet Carlsbad professionally removed.
At Junk Removal Carlsbad, we offer professional carpet removal and disposal to extend to you that much-needed helping hand in getting your home renovation project moving. Our team of expert removers will tear up your old carpeting and make sure that the padding is removed as well. If there are still parts of your padding and carpet that can be reused or recycled, these parts will be preserved and the rest will be taken to the proper facility for proper disposal. 
With us at your service,, you’ll never have to go through the cumbersome and time-consuming task of getting rid of your old unwanted carpets. We work fast so you won’t have to wait long before you can get your floors updated and looking appealing again. Take the tediousness out of home renovations by letting us handle the carpet removal. Call us today for a free quote!

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